Eduardo M. Represents EHHS in State Meet

Eduardo M. participated in his first year running cross country, resulting in him running ALL the way to state. His feeling of being at the state meet was “…overwhelming due to him being the only runner from the school at the meet.” Usually, there would be a team of other runners from EHHS at meets with him. He got to the state finals by coming in tenth out of all the runners trying to qualify at regionals.

He said he found an interest in running because his soccer teammates convinced him to try out for it. He says, “I did it for fun, and I never thought I’d make it to state.” He said his mindset was a mixture of being overwhelmed and adrenaline. He then went on to say that it felt good to be appreciated for what he did and that he didn’t need the praise, but he was thankful for the opportunity. For a first year runner, he surpassed his own expectations and competed with the state’s best runners, coming in the top 50%. In his words, he stated, “When I saw other runners pass me, I knew I couldn’t pass them, but I had to keep my pace up.”