The Harry Styles Experience- An Eagle Goes Out and About

After months, even a year or more, of no concerts, limited entertainment, and restrictions on most everything, one Eagle’s Eye staff member goes out and about, participating in her dream of seeing Harry Styles in person.

September 29, 2021 was my first “date” with Harry Styles. Harry’s first out of two shows in Nashville, Tennessee finally had a set date after being rescheduled for over a year because of COVID-19. My mom, her friend, my sister, and I all had pit tickets for the show. For us, this wasn’t just a normal concert. We spent months planning outfits, learning the Bridgestone rules, and of course, listening to his music. The day finally arrived after being a fan for eight years! This moment is what I’ve been waiting for nearly my entire life.

When the day arrived, we went to Bridgestone Arena just after sunrise to get in line for numbered wristbands. I was filled with adrenaline from the start. These wristbands guaranteed us our place in line for later in the day at 4:00 o’clock when we would have to line back up according to our number. After a lot of standing in lines and running to get a good spot in the pit, 20,000 people, including me, finally got to see the person we’ve been waiting for. Styles put on an amazing show singing hits like “Sign of the Times” and “Watermelon Sugar.” Two hours of music never went by faster for me. I can’t wait for our second date!

Pep Squad Organizes Caravan

On October 8th, East Hickman Eagles faced their rivals, the Hickman County Bulldogs, in a close and thrilling game with both sides showing their school spirit. The Pep Squad organized a caravan for students and parents to show their school spirit on their way to the game, and they were met with taunting signs from the Bulldogs.

Both sides were on the edge of their seats throughout the game with each team having a close call game; however, the Eagles persevered, with feathers “unruffled,” scoring 43 to 40—the Bulldogs surrendered the rest of the time in the fourth quarter. During the game, Ethan Irwin #22, wearing Parker Nicholson’s jersey, smacked the ball out of the air when Bulldogs kicked the ball for their PAT.

Eagles have since played Scotts Hill, winning that game. The Eagles’ season ended with a play-off game against Summertown. Congratulations to the coaches and football team for such an exciting season!

EHHS Soccer Team—District Champs!

Soccer brings home another East Hickman High first!
Photo Credit Chris Ragsdale

East Hickman’s Boys’ Soccer team takes the title for district champion— the first time in school history. Their regular season record was 10/3 with one tie. They played Richland for the district championship where the game went into overtime play with a penalty kick shootout, leaving the Eagles triumphant with 4-2 (P) as Jon Heath made the final game-winning block.

EHHS Students Participate in Columbia State Competition

East Hickman High School students recently participated in Columbia State’s Annual High School Competition. As opposed to previous years, this year’s competition was held virtually. This did not stop our students from participating, though. Over 100 contestants from surrounding schools participated this year, and the competition was fierce. Our Eagles did an incredible job, and we are so proud! Listed below are our students that came in the top three of their division. 

Kimberli Martinez- First Place, Mass Communications

Kyla O’Guin- First Place, Speech Communications

Skyler Collier- Second Place, Archaeology

Nick Earney- Second Place, World Geography

Brooklynn Labelle- Second Place, Mass Communication

Thora DeLoach- Third Place, Visual Arts

Lady Eagles’ Basketball Ended Season with Team First

On February 24th 2021, the Lady Eagles’ basketball team went against Creek Wood for a new school first—participation in district championships. While the Eagles did not progress, there was an outpouring of school spirit which followed them to Creek Wood.  One of the memorable players from the game was Abbie L. as she is a steadfast and great defensive player. On Friday, February 26, the Lady Eagles went on to host the first of the regional games at EHHS against the Community High Viqueens from Unionville.

The Eagles Play Fairview’s Basketball Teams

The Eagles played the Fairview boys’ basketball team on January 15, 2021. The Eagles lost the game 45-70. The Eagles are still chasing the win with a match up at home against Lewis county on Friday, Jan 29th. When the Eagles last played Lewis County, they were just shy of a win with a 65-62 score. The coaches of the Eagles are Head Coach Greg Matney and Assistant Coach McKenzie Etheridge. The Eagles Varsity team includes Colton R. #1, Ethan I. #2, Kyle E. #3, Parker N. #4, Malik C. #5, Caden J. #10, Eli A. #15, Brennan D. #20, Drae M. #24, and Mason G. #31.

The Lady Eagles played their varsity game before the Eagles. The Lady Eagles played a well-fought game that night and were almost able to bring the game back. The Lady Eagles lost the game 41- 43 with the final points being scored by the Fairview girls basketball with two penalty free throws. Abby L. #2 and Ella G. #3 were the star players during the game that night. Abby scored 6 points and Ella scored 10 points with multiple free throw points and two-point baskets for the Lady Eagles. The coaches of the Lady Eagles are Coach Aaron Taylor and Assistant Coach Shelitta Sowell. The Lady Eagles varsity team roster includes Kayla R. #1, Abby L. #2, Ella G. #3, Braylee C. #10, Macy E. #11, Maddie H. #14,  Taylor H. #15, Keilei M, #20, Becky C. #22, McKinsey K. #24, Taylor M. #30, KiLitta S. #32, Karson L. #33, Emily W. #44.

Eduardo M. Represents EHHS in State Meet

Eduardo M. participated in his first year running cross country, resulting in him running ALL the way to state. His feeling of being at the state meet was “…overwhelming due to him being the only runner from the school at the meet.” Usually, there would be a team of other runners from EHHS at meets with him. He got to the state finals by coming in tenth out of all the runners trying to qualify at regionals.

He said he found an interest in running because his soccer teammates convinced him to try out for it. He says, “I did it for fun, and I never thought I’d make it to state.” He said his mindset was a mixture of being overwhelmed and adrenaline. He then went on to say that it felt good to be appreciated for what he did and that he didn’t need the praise, but he was thankful for the opportunity. For a first year runner, he surpassed his own expectations and competed with the state’s best runners, coming in the top 50%. In his words, he stated, “When I saw other runners pass me, I knew I couldn’t pass them, but I had to keep my pace up.” 

10 Ways to Survive the End of the World—Senior play on Thursday and Friday

The Senior play cast will present “10 Ways to Survive the End of the World” this Thursday and Friday, November 12 and 13. The comedy presents 10 different scenarios in which the world could end, along with 10 possible solutions that may or may not work. The play will start at 7 pm in the East Hickman High School auditorium. The price of the tickets will be $8 for adults and children over 5; children ages 5 and under will be admitted for free. Social distancing will be observed.

The Eagles Soar High Over Hickman

The feeling of the game was intense, that’s the only word that could describe it. The energy radiating off of the rivalry between East Hickman and Hickman County was electrifying. At around kickoff, tensions were high as the Eagles faced off against their longtime rivals, the Hickman County Bulldogs. The 1st quarter was not as exciting as the game was predicted to be, but things picked up in the 2nd quarter with David W. breaking off a huge run for the Eagles that went for 38 yards and a touchdown. Then, a few minutes later, Malik C. ran into the end zone from 8 yards out, making the score 14-0 in favor of the Eagles. After the Bulldogs drive stalled out, the Eagles got the ball leading to a 4 yard touchdown run by Zanaido M.

Now, the East Hickman section was hyped and booming, the score was 21-0 over their longtime rival from across the county. The Bulldogs started the half out right with a touchdown late in the 3rd quarter that made the score 21-7 headed into the 4th quarter. Cooper H. would score early in the 4th quarter making the score 28-7, then, Nick C. ran into the end zone from 2 yards out making the score 35-7. The bulldogs would score one garbage time touchdown that made the game’s final score 35-13 in favor of the East Hickman Eagles.

East Hickman had 433 total yards with 378 of the yards coming from run plays and only 55 coming from the pass game. David W. had 182 of  the team’s yards rushing and 1 touchdown. Kyle E. had 2 completions with one going to Zanaido M. for 47 yards. Mason G. was perfect on extra points. The defense held Hickman County to only 203 total yards and 2 touchdowns.

September Blood-drive

On September 15, 2020 East Hickman High School hosted their first blood drive of the year. Students, parents, and faculty members participated in donating. HOSA members took active duty in assisting the staff working the blood drive. HOSA workers fetched students from class and escorted them back after providing refreshments to replenish their energy. The collected blood requirement was met, wrapping up the blood drive as a success.