2018 Homecoming Dress-up Days!

For all students of East Hickman High, next week is homecoming! The theme is “Homecoming: Starring East Hickman!,” and these are the dress-up days:

Monday – Western (Be sure to wear your best John Wayne and Clint Eastwood garb!)

Tuesday – Black and White (A dalmatian costume will suffice, just kidding!) You can wear any form of black and white clothing, as long as it is within school dress code.

Wednesday – Disney (Belle, Mulan or Snow White? One can never decide…)

Thursday – Heroes Vs Villains (Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker? Harry Potter or Voldemort?? Captain America or Red Skull??? Gandalf or Sauron???? SO MANY CHOICES!!!!)

Friday – School Colors: Freshmen wear black, Sophomores wear white, Juniors wear grey and Seniors wear blue.

Come on East Hickman High! Let’s make this homecoming one to remember. Go Eagles!

Homecoming Starring The Eagles