EHHS Hosts Its First Cross Country Meet

With tents dotting the surrounding area and a large crowd of spectators, the campus accommodated three hundred students from 24 surrounding schools gathered to run East Hickman High School’s cross country course. The course on the campus has been developed and maintained for the past two years by Coaches Matney and Dickson. Mr. Dickson, who is not coaching at this time, attributes the lion’s share of the work to Mr. Greg Matney.

The momentous first meet drew former cross country runners back to the school to support the efforts that the coaches have contributed in order to make this event happen at EHHS. Patrick and Catie Latham, siblings, who are both former cross country runners, made special plans to attend the event. Patrick just finished 33 days in the field, but said he had to make the meet. Catie, also, made sure to rearrange her work and college schedule to attend. This attests to the dedicated coaches that have worked with these young adults.

Coach Amy Matney states that “2013 was the year I fell in love with cross country.” She goes on to say that in 2018 she did not know that “I would be coaching three teams for our schools [middle and high school] and helping host our first home meet.” This is a dream that has come to fruition for the girls’ and boys’ cross country teams.