Eagle’s Eye Staff Introduces Video Announcements

     Back in August, Eagle’s Eye staff chose to revisit the attempted idea of filmed announcements. Naming the new series The Morning Hatch, students are working together to bring teachers and the student body a fun new experience .

     Directed by Mrs. Graves, Hatch stars Johnny Eagle and co-host, Wingman, the on-screen personas of reporters John Pruett and Gabe Miller, respectfully. The inaugural episode also features guest star Randy Meadows, editor of The Eagles Eye. Behind-the-scenes staff includes Gracey Delaney and videographer Lexie Larkins, as well as editor Gabe Miller.

     The episodes will be e-mailed to teachers to present during first period, with blooper reels that may be shown at teachers’ discretion. The blooper reel will also be available to view on our Twitter page (Eagle’s Eye Staff at handle @EaglesEye_EHHS).