Eagles Football-One Win, Two Losses

Remnants of Harvey drove the away game to Saturday, Sept 2. It was a close loss to Scotts Hill with the final score of 48-41. The Eagles played well and kept the score close throughout the entire game.

Previously, on August 25, East Hickman’s Eagles faced Martin Westview. The kick-off started at 7:30 with Westview quickly scoring the first touchdown. Westview then scored twice, but the Eagles came back with two touchdowns by Tyler Mobley making it 14-21 with 4:37 until halftime. After halftime, the Eagles were unable to gain the needed momentum and the final score was 41-14.

However, on August 18, the Eagles faced Grundy county in the first game of the season winning 28-8.

There is lots of Eagle football ahead! It’s only the beginning of the season!

Homecoming will be September 15th against in-county rivals, the Hickman County Bulldogs.