The Class Of 2021 High School Tour

By Madison Lilly, Assistant Editor

On May 1st, East Hickman High school welcomed the Class of 2021.  When the eighth-graders arrived they were taken to the auditorium and shown two videos: one about graduation requirements and the other with high school students revealing the variety of classes and courses offered here and their experiences with them.

Soon after the rising freshmen were assigned by teacher homeroom to our high school tour guides. Each group contained up to three guides. Through out the day, the eighth-graders asked many questions and even gave some quotes about coming to high school ranging from “High school is definitely going to be interesting” to ”I’m really excited about next year.” One student jokingly commented,  “Why is everyone here so tall?”

Overall,  the tour guides enjoyed escorting the upcoming freshmen and showing what the high school has to offer them. Some of the high school students even got to greet their favorite middle school teachers. At the end of the tour, the eighth- graders returned to the middle school with their preview of high school fresh on their mind. East Hickman High School welcomes the Class of 2021 next year!