Record Medals at Columbia State Competition

By: Assistant Editor, Madison Lilly

April 7, 2017 East Hickman high school was well-represented at Columbia State in the annual high school competition with 300 students from 17 high schools in the Middle Tennessee area. The competition presented 18 different subject areas including courses ranging from U.S. History to Piano performance. The trip was organized by Mr. Angell  and accompanied by Ms. Polk and Mr. Mathis.

This year East Hickman set a new record by accumulating six medals: Alex Thomas brought home first place in Mass Communication, Christina Carroll won second place in Sociology, Tate Kinney won first place in Algebra 2 AND Trigonometry, Jackie Licona won second place in Intermediate Spanish, and Rosa Bello followed up with third place in Intermediate Spanish.

In all, twenty- one students from East Hickman participated in the event. Everyone left with a great experience, though some felt let down, we all managed to come together and put smiles on each other faces. Whether just hanging out with friends or meeting some new friends,  I know it was an experience our East Hickman competitors will never forget.

Photos by Mrs. Kenda Polk and Madison Lilly

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