I Still Believe- Movie Review

I Still Believe, is a newly released film based on a true story, the story not only promotes faith and trust in God, but also the encouraging power of love. The story is of a young woman, named Melissa Henning,  and a man, named Jeremy Camp, falling for each other through their love of music, and of course, their faith towards God. Sadly, once their newly found love is formed, it is immediately put to the test. The couple face the biggest challenge of all, cancer. When Jeremy and Melissa get the news, they both manage to persevere through the power of Jeremy’s original music about his love for her and God.  When their love is challenged, the audience is drawn into the movie as they learn how love can change one life, and how one life can change the world. In fact, Jeremy met his second wife at one of his concerts, shortly after word spread of Melissa’s story. The movie is filled with twists and turns that put the audience in an emotional frenzy. The Common Sense Media reviews the movie as, “This love story has the heart swells of The Notebook, the unexpected twists of a Nicholas Sparks novel, and the anguish of The Fault in Our Stars: The proof is your depleted tissue box. What elevates I Still Believe is that it’s true. If it weren’t, it would be too sappy and overwrought to accept as reality. But Camp has been telling this story at concerts for years, and the events really did happen to him and his first wife, Melissa.” The movie is very heartfelt with powerful messages for everyone, religious or not. The Common Sense Media described it by simply stating, “Bring tissues for wholesome but sad Christian romance.”

Since the theaters are closed, the movies mentioned above with the exception of I Still Believe can be found for rent through either YouTube or Amazon Prime. Many steaming platforms are rushing to move in-theater titles to at-home viewing, but they come with a price tag, roughly $20 to purchase the title. Both Comcast and Amazon Prime are offering a few in-cinema titles, and I Still Believe may become available through one of those platforms, but that is still to be determined at this time. Or…wait for it, and it will be out for rent at non-movie going prices. 

EHHS Competes at Columbia State

      For the past few years East Hickman High School’s students have participated in Columbia State’s competition for high school students. This is an event hosted on the community college’s campus that many different schools attend and compete. Any high school student can sign up for no more than two chosen categories. The students are not required to fill both sessions of time but are more than welcome to sign up for both. If a student has a free session, they are also encouraged to be part of an audience in certain categories such as vocals, oral translation, visual arts, and piano. This year, East Hickman High School did have winning participants: Skyler C., Keanda G., Darrell B., Thora D., and Alyssa T. Next year, all students are encouraged to sign up and experience the thrill of competing and watching fellow classmates compete against other schools. 

Thora D. won 3rd place in Visual Arts.
Keanda G. won 3rd place and Darrell B. won 2nd place in Sociology.
Alyssa T. won 3rd place in Mass Communication/Journalism.
Skyler C. won first place in Anthropology.
East Hickman High School’s participants.

Senior Class Top Ten

Alexis Larkins is valedictorian with a GPA of 100.966. She plans to attend Freed Hardeman to study Biology.


Our salutatorian is Catherine Gunther with a GPA of 100.32. She plans to study Music Education at Austin Peay University.
Lily Thompson holds the third highest GPA of 100.216. She plans to go to Austin Peay so that she can study Computer Science.
Brayden Shaver is the fourth top senior with a GPA of 100.00. He plans to study Civil Engineering at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga.
Our fifth senior is Gracie Delaney. She has a GPA of 99.039. Her plans are to attend King University in order for her to study Forensic Science.
Our sixth senior is Blake Adkins. He has a GPA of 98.596. His goals are to attend MTSU in order to study Computer Science.
The seventh senior is Katie Lester. With a GPA of 98.236, she plans to attend Belmont University so that she can study Entrepreneurship.
The eighth senior is Emmalee Mathews. Emmalee has a GPA of 98.038. She plans to study General Biology at Freed Hardeman University.
Our ninth senior is Marcy Hartman. Marcy has a GPA of 97.77. She is going to Nashville State and studying Secondary English.
Our tenth senior is Olivia Plunkett. Her GPA is 97.509. Her plans are to attend Bethel University and study Humanitarian Services.
The 2019 Senior class top ten (not pictured Blake Adkins).