East Hickman High School’s student council organized a Be in the Zone Day on Thursday, March 23rd. The purpose of this event was to inform the student body of the consequences of driving while distracted. To accomplish their goal, they created a mock crash and had a guest speaker who has had firsthand experience from driving while distracted.

The mock crash mimicked a car wreck in which two cars had a head-on collision as a result of one of the drivers texting and driving. Both vehicles were full of students wearing SFX makeup, making it seem as if the students were gravely injured from the collision. There was even a student lying on the asphalt to allude to the fact that they had been ejected out of one of the vehicles.

Then emergency vehicles and personnel, including LifeFlight, raced to the scene and began assessing the situation as if it were a genuine car accident. The emergency responders removed the students from the vehicles, put one on a gurney, and transported them to an ambulance where they were rushed off. Personnel then covered up the students that had passed from the accident.

After evaluating the scene, the police then arrested the student that had been texting and driving. After the emergency team had done their job, a couple of the team members spoke to the crowd of students explaining their process and how serious it is to drive while distracted.

Later that day, there was a guest speaker who had came to speak to the students about the consequences that he has suffered after driving impaired. The speaker, Blake McMeans, spoke about how he was an upcoming star tennis player, already one of the best in the state at a young age; however, he had taken up drinking shortly after his father, who was also his role model, had passed away. Blake decided to drive home after drinking one night which drastically altered his life, greatly affecting his physical abilities, and ending his tennis career.  See more about his story at the following link:

These efforts were made by East Hickman High, its students, emergency personnel, and Blake McMeans to help the student body understand how life altering driving while distracted can be.  


Free Throw Competition

Pictures by Lexie Larkins

The principal of East Hickman High School, Mr. Beem, competed in a Free Throw Competition with Hickman County High School’s principal, Mr. Bentley. The competition occurred during half time at the East Hickman High School vs. Hickman County High School basketball game Friday night, January 26th, 2018.

From the free throw line, each principal had 10 shots a piece, and whoever made the most baskets was the winner. Mr. Beem started out the competition with a few baskets, throwing off Mr. Bentley whose first couple of shots were air balls. The fans on both sides of the court cheered on their principal in hopes of them scoring and attempted to distract the rival principal in hopes of them losing the shot.

Towards the end of the competition, the principals had a neck-and-neck score of 7-6, with Mr. Beem in the lead. Mr. Bentley took the last shot and missed, losing the competition and causing an uproar from the fans on the East Hickman side. After Mr. Beem was victorious, he hugged Mr. Bentley with good sportsmanship and was then joyously greeted by a group of East Hickman High students to celebrate the win.