2018 Homecoming Dress-up Days!

For all students of East Hickman High, next week is homecoming! The theme is “Homecoming: Starring East Hickman!,” and these are the dress-up days:

Monday – Western (Be sure to wear your best John Wayne and Clint Eastwood garb!)

Tuesday – Black and White (A dalmatian costume will suffice, just kidding!) You can wear any form of black and white clothing, as long as it is within school dress code.

Wednesday – Disney (Belle, Mulan or Snow White? One can never decide…)

Thursday – Heroes Vs Villains (Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker? Harry Potter or Voldemort?? Captain America or Red Skull??? Gandalf or Sauron???? SO MANY CHOICES!!!!)

Friday – School Colors: Freshmen wear black, Sophomores wear white, Juniors wear grey and Seniors wear blue.

Come on East Hickman High! Let’s make this homecoming one to remember. Go Eagles!

Homecoming Starring The Eagles

2018 Columbia State Competition

   March 23, 2018, East Hickman High students traveled to Columbia State to participate in the annual high school competition. The competition includes multiple categories such as Psychology, Mass Communication, Poetry Writing, Vocal Music, Oral Interpretation and more. This year East Hickman had four students who placed in the competition: Randy Meadows won 3rd place in Creative Writing, Jacob Hudson won 3rd in U.S. History, Paige King won 3rd in Algebra II and Jacqueline Licona won 1st place in Advance Spanish translation. East Hickman High is proud of all students who competed and represented East Hickman.  Participation in this event,  coordinated by Mr. Angell, has always resulted in medals for East Hickman High School.  EHHS looks forward to the next competition in 2019!

Left to right: Jacqueline Licona (1st- Advanced Spanish), Randy Meadows (3rd- Creative Writing), Jacob Hudson (3rd U.S. History), Paige King 3rd- (Algebra 2)


Spanish Club celebrates the Day of the Dead

By: Madison Lilly

On Saturday October 27, 2017, the East Hickman Spanish Club traveled to Cheekwood for ‘El Dia De Los Muertos’ or The Day Of The Dead festival. The festival included authentic cuisine, vivid art, vibrant activities, and traditional food, music and dance. The Spanish Club had an amazing time experiencing the colorful Spanish traditions that the festival had to offer.

Spanish club participated in the Day of the Dead holiday at EHHS with a special menu at Café Aguila and with traditional memorials to honor students’ loved ones who have passed away.

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Welcome To The Wonderful World Of East Hickman!

Monday, September 11, the 2017 Homecoming Week began. There’s No Place Like East, based on the The Wizard of Oz made up the theme for 2017 Homecoming Week. The Seniors started off the week with a bang of color to the halls of East Hickman! There’s no place like east, that’s for sure! The Juniors got into the spirit by decorating the Junior wall with ‘The Sweetest Class!” They also created a the wall with pictures and yellow bricks for the Junior Class to sign their names. This year homecoming has inspired the creative and colorful nature in us all!


Eagles Football-One Win, Two Losses

Remnants of Harvey drove the away game to Saturday, Sept 2. It was a close loss to Scotts Hill with the final score of 48-41. The Eagles played well and kept the score close throughout the entire game.

Previously, on August 25, East Hickman’s Eagles faced Martin Westview. The kick-off started at 7:30 with Westview quickly scoring the first touchdown. Westview then scored twice, but the Eagles came back with two touchdowns by Tyler Mobley making it 14-21 with 4:37 until halftime. After halftime, the Eagles were unable to gain the needed momentum and the final score was 41-14.

However, on August 18, the Eagles faced Grundy county in the first game of the season winning 28-8.

There is lots of Eagle football ahead! It’s only the beginning of the season!

Homecoming will be September 15th against in-county rivals, the Hickman County Bulldogs.



The Class Of 2021 High School Tour

By Madison Lilly, Assistant Editor

On May 1st, East Hickman High school welcomed the Class of 2021.  When the eighth-graders arrived they were taken to the auditorium and shown two videos: one about graduation requirements and the other with high school students revealing the variety of classes and courses offered here and their experiences with them.

Soon after the rising freshmen were assigned by teacher homeroom to our high school tour guides. Each group contained up to three guides. Through out the day, the eighth-graders asked many questions and even gave some quotes about coming to high school ranging from “High school is definitely going to be interesting” to ”I’m really excited about next year.” One student jokingly commented,  “Why is everyone here so tall?”

Overall,  the tour guides enjoyed escorting the upcoming freshmen and showing what the high school has to offer them. Some of the high school students even got to greet their favorite middle school teachers. At the end of the tour, the eighth- graders returned to the middle school with their preview of high school fresh on their mind. East Hickman High School welcomes the Class of 2021 next year!

Record Medals at Columbia State Competition

By: Assistant Editor, Madison Lilly

April 7, 2017 East Hickman high school was well-represented at Columbia State in the annual high school competition with 300 students from 17 high schools in the Middle Tennessee area. The competition presented 18 different subject areas including courses ranging from U.S. History to Piano performance. The trip was organized by Mr. Angell  and accompanied by Ms. Polk and Mr. Mathis.

This year East Hickman set a new record by accumulating six medals: Alex Thomas brought home first place in Mass Communication, Christina Carroll won second place in Sociology, Tate Kinney won first place in Algebra 2 AND Trigonometry, Jackie Licona won second place in Intermediate Spanish, and Rosa Bello followed up with third place in Intermediate Spanish.

In all, twenty- one students from East Hickman participated in the event. Everyone left with a great experience, though some felt let down, we all managed to come together and put smiles on each other faces. Whether just hanging out with friends or meeting some new friends,  I know it was an experience our East Hickman competitors will never forget.

Photos by Mrs. Kenda Polk and Madison Lilly

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