EHHS’ Science Club Takes First in the Regional Envirothon Competition

On Wednesday, April 18, EHHS sent two teams to compete in the regional envirothon competition, which took place in Lewis County this year. The competition consists of five 20 minute tests: Aquatics, Forestry, Wildlife, Soils, and Current Issue (Rangelands). Once the teams complete the competition, the tests are scored and posted on a whiteboard. The team that takes first place continues on to the state envirothon competition. After state, the top team heads to nationals, which is held in Idaho this year.

Mrs. McCaleb’s Envirothon team consists of Tate Kinney, Gracie Haynes, Devlin Sheppler, Delanie Livengood, and Andre Walker with alternatives Gracie Delaney and Lexie Larkins. Mr. Flowers’ team included FFA members Lane Cole and Ethan Pendergrass. His team selected the name Flying by the Seat of Our Pants for the competition. Mrs. McCaleb’s team decided to identify as the Sweet Gum Mafia for their repeated mistake of misidentifying the Sweet Gum tree on the Forestry test in previous years. On the way to the competition, Mrs. McCaleb even stopped, when she spotted a Sweet Gum, to remind the team of what the tree looks like.

After the competition, all the teams received meals from Subway. At the conclusion of lunch, the teams were presented with awards, earning each member of the top three teams a medal and a plaque for the top team. Third place was given to Hickman County with a collective score of 276 points. Placing second was Collinwood for a total of 302 points. Mrs. McCaleb’s team placed first with 394 points. The Sweet Gum Mafia was the top performing team in all five of the categories, scoring a 63 in Soils, 70 in Aquatics, 88 in Current Issue, 88 in Wildlife, and 83 in Forestry. This was the fifth year that an EHHS team has placed first in envirothon regionals.

After attaining first in regionals, Mrs. McCaleb rewarded the hard work of her team with ice creams from Sonic. The Hickman County Times acknowledged the accomplishments of EHHS’ Science Club in a short article.

The Sweet Gum Mafia team continued on to the state competition which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 8 and 9.

Envirothon 2018- 2
From left to right- Team sponsor, Leanna McCaleb, Gracie Delaney, Andre Walker, Devlin Sheppler, Tate Kinney, Gracie Hanes, Delanie Livengood, and Lexie Larkins


Paige King’s Record-Breaking Throw

Paige King breaks the girls’ school record for the discus throw. In this track and field event, the athlete positions themselves inside an 8.25 foot circle and throws a disc, aiming to hurl the disc farther than their competitors or their own personal goals. Female throwers handle a disc that measures 7 inches in diameter and weighs 2.2 pounds.

Preparing mentally and physically for this sport, Paige must work on her strength by working out and her mentality by perfecting her form and technique for throwing the disc. Track and Field Coach Matney explains the complexity of preparing for the discus throw: “There are so many little things that have to be done correctly in order for a maximum distance to be achieved. Focusing on them all correctly is very mentally challenging.”

With all her preparation and guidance from her coach, Paige managed to out throw Abby Livengood’s previous school record of 75 feet and 6 inches by throwing a total of 96 feet and 3 inches. Although she has already surpassed the school’s record, Paige hopes to exceed her record-setting throw, intending to throw over 100 feet before the season comes to an end.Paige King Track 2018

Photo courtesy of Lori King