Olivia Plunkett Breaks Girls’ Cross Country Record!

Olivia Plunkett- State competitionEHHS’ very own cross country team has built up and created many accomplishments. Recently, senior Olivia Plunkett, on the other hand, brought about record breaking history for the school’s fall sport.

Plunkett’s spot on the cross country team has lasted for four years as she as been active for all of her high school career. Cross country coach, Greg Matney, comments on her running journey: “Olivia has been working hard and has pretty much rewritten the record book for running here at EHHS.”

The senior has made it to regional competitions a multitude of times while going further to state competition once previously.

After completing this year’s Autumn season, she again moved on to compete in regionals. Plunkett’s several achievements beforehand aided in the push to reach the set of competitions.

The runner explains how she had felt confident about this year’s regional race because of the copious amounts of practice and the addition of agreeable weather. “Last year I only got 4th place. I had felt sick and stressed beyond compare. Plus, the bad weather didn’t help,” she continues, “…but after everything, I felt so ready to run this race; I was so relaxed, the weather was nice.  Everything fell into line.”

With her high spirits into place, Plunkett finished up the race with a time of 22.16.48, beating the school’s records (just two tenths off her personal record).

Mr. Matney continues revealing, “Catie Latham’s 5K record was the only one left that she [Plunkett] had not broken and for the last year she’s really been trying to break it.” The record brought him a huge amount of joy “…because she had worked so hard to achieve her goal, I was thrilled to see her accomplish it.”

Plunkett’s regional school record then led her to compete in the state competition once more. Both she and Coach Matney stated that the record winning run at regionals, which pushed her to state for a second time, made the record seem even more special.

Plunkett proceeded to participate in the state competition with a run time of 22.27.16.

Rolling It Back In Time!

East Hickman High School’s Journalism staff hosted a night for skating and fun at Magic Wheels in Dickson. It was given the theme of “rolling back the clock” as students dressed from the decades of the 1950s through the 1980s.

On Thursday, February 22nd, the event took place after school. Different people expressed how they loved skating and would come back again if the school held another skate night. Ethan Stiltner and Jesse Pickard both mentioned how it was tough to skate at first, but it became better once they went out and did more.

Multiple students arrived dressed to impress as many of the decades of the past for the fun of the skate night. Rock and roll was represented not only by the 50s but by the 80s hairband era.  A couple of the students expressed their thoughts on the topic. “Dressing up added this layer of fun to the enjoyment of skating alone,” Callie Easley stated. However, poodle skirts might not be the best for skating!

Overall, the students and teachers who arrived at Magic Wheels had a very fun and enjoyable time. Another skate night will be in the future!

Science Club takes 1st in Regional Envirothon!

By:  Leanna McCaleb, Leah Tidwell, Madison Lilly

On April 19, 2017, the East Hickman High School Science Club and FFA teams competed in the Buffalo-Duck River Resource Conservation and Development Regional Envirothon. The two teams participated in five specific areas and worked as a group to answer multiple detailed questions. In this year’s envirothon, the groups were involved in the topics of Wildlife, Soils, Aquatics, Forestry and the Current Topic of Agricultural Soil and Water Conservation Stewardship.

The two groups of hardworking students did a lot to prepare for the big event. Sophomore Delanie Livengood stated, “It was hard work. I had to study tree identification, soil judging, aquatics, wildlife, and this year, soil and water conservation.” With all the work ethics of the students put together, they all accomplished great things during the event. Troubles, however, did arise as the competition progressed. Ironically, one of the biggest struggles seemed to be “trying to identify the Sweet Gum tree,” described by Tate Kinney, a member of the self-titled Sweet- Gum Mafia team. With all of this pushed aside, the two teams made an incredible win.

This year, Ms. McCaleb’s science club team came in first place while Mr. Flowers’ FFA team placed second.  This was a great accomplishment on their part because the competition was held in our own county.  These students blew the competition away and have set the bar high in our region. The clubs defended Wayne County teams by 105 points, Perry County teams by 169 points, and Lewis County by 203 points.  By finishing in first place, the Science Club  will be competing in the State Envirothon on May 9-10. This will be their second year in a row to participate in the State Envirothon. Last year, they finished in 5th place. The two students, Livengood and Kinney, state that they are “ecstatic and proud of the team.” Kinney continues, “Above all else, I feel dutiful to make up for last year’s loss.” The two additionally stated that they feel that their chances at winning in the future will be very high.

Year FFA Team/ Mr. Flowers Science Club/ Ms. McCaleb
2017 2nd 1st
2016 5th 1st
2015 1st 2nd
2014 1st 6th

The groups show great potential in the future at the state competition. From the scores of this year, the teams will most likely shoot for another win in the near future. The members can look forward to trying to go on to nationals and gaining scholarships which would help them out in the long run.

Overall, the two sets of team mates display a strong work ethic and unique blend of  intelligence. Everyone in the groups works well together and most likely will be together for a while. “Why stop now? I’ve been a part of it for two years now,” states Kinney. From the events, the students seem to show great friendship during their times together. Livengood adds, “I’m friends with everyone on our team, and I enjoy spending time with them.” A win all around.

20 wins-Best yet from the nest!

By Leah Tidwell, Assistant Editor

East Hickman Lady Eagles have had an outstanding basketball 2016-2017 season. All of the girls have stuck together, working toward defeating rival schools.

The Lady Eagles season ended with the first regional game against Giles county. The process was filled with much anticipation. Sadly, the ladies did not win against their rivals. The final score was a hard fought 49-38.

The Lady Eagles have displayed much potential throughout the season. As a total, the female team has had 20 wins and only 12 losses. This record is EHHS’s best record in its history! Giving her opinions, Blair King, a member of the Lady Eagles, provides information about the team and its success. “There is a really strong bond between everyone on the team, and most of the time, we work well together.” She goes on to further state how they ended up showing success through the season. “We did practice a lot and work hard even if we didn’t win every time.” In all, the team worked well together and stayed committed in every game under the direction of coaches Nick Simmons,  Aaron Taylor, and Leigha Coble.

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The Eagle Experience!

By Leah Tidwell, Assistant Editor

East Hickman High School’s basketball teams practiced and worked hard to win games. One thought lingered: how do we get the student body more involved on home game nights? The answer: The Eagle Experience!

The Eagle Experience provided venues to have the students gather together and take part in activities after school before the home basketball games. These special events let students team up to work through challenging puzzles and answer perplexing trivia questions. The Eagle Experience took place during two different Fridays which had two types of activities set up for the students to play.

The Escape Game

The Escape Game was set up with many types of puzzles that led to players finding a way out of the room. Students teamed up and tried to fulfill the challenge. Player Olivia Plunkett gave some feedback on her team’s outcome. “My friends and I thought it would be fun to try it out..we all contrasted against each other…we didn’t even escape the room.” The Escape Room gave her and many others an idea on how to work as a team. “You definitely can’t work on your own,” Plunkett says, “Although, I would want to do it again!” Even though it was created as a fun game, the players still learned to work together and use their minds. Other teams tackled and made their way out of the The Escape Room by relying on each other’s strengths and knowledge base to answer the clues.

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Trivia Night

A following Friday, Trivia Night was put into place. Students were to band together and make teams for an activity to test their knowledge. A fellow student, Paige King, was a part of the event and told of her accounts. “The activity sounded fun and interesting. I immediately started looking for people for my team.” King, sadly, had troubles with forming a team. “Everyone would cancel on me, but eventually, I ended up with a team at the very last minute.” She mentions some positive things about the event. King states, “It was pretty fun even though we (probably) got in last place!” With the wide array of trivia knowledge, this activity tied in with the Escape Game; in both experiences, players needed to work as a team and use their minds to their advantage.

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The Eagle Experience helped students become interactive with the school before basketball games. In addition to the fun, these events and games let students practice some important skills, such as working together as a group and time management.