September Blood-drive

On September 15, 2020 East Hickman High School hosted their first blood drive of the year. Students, parents, and faculty members participated in donating. HOSA members took active duty in assisting the staff working the blood drive. HOSA workers fetched students from class and escorted them back after providing refreshments to replenish their energy. The collected blood requirement was met, wrapping up the blood drive as a success.

HOSA helps with EHHS’s Blood Drive


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East Hickman High School again partnered with the Red Cross foundation to host a blood drive. Students seventeen and up could donate at any time throughout the school day while students age sixteen needed a parent’s permission; the donors lined up and were laid down on cots.  Mrs. Kelly, the health science teacher at EHHS, led the blood drive while her HOSA students partnered with the Red Cross to facilitate it. HOSA members observed and learned as professionals drew pints of blood from people in the student body. HOSA members also located donors and escorted them safely back to class after donating blood. HOSA President Alex Garcia and member Fran Batson were in charge of admitting students, teachers, and parent donors.   

Welcome, Governor Lee!

On August 13, 2019, East Hickman High School was honored to receive Governor Bill Lee,  House Representative Curcio, and other state officials for a tour of the Career-Technical department.

Governor Lee interacted with the students of EHHS and explained how, when he was in school, classes such as Culinary, Mechatronics, and Agricultural Science were not a large part of the curriculum. He confidently stated that they were making a comeback and receiving more focus.

Governor Lee and Representative Curcio showed interest in the small delights Mrs. Boehms’ culinary class prepared for them and spent a few minutes of their visit enjoying the snacks and chatting with the culinary students. They continued to move from classroom to classroom talking and listening to students and teachers.

Toward the end of the visit, Channel 2 News initiated a short interview asking what was the biggest problem rural counties like Hickman county face. The plight of rural counties was one of the first executive decisions made by Governor Lee after his inauguration. His GIVE (Governor’s Investment in Vocational Education) program seeks to bring additional opportunities to rural communities by allowing more interaction and collaboration between the private sector, communities, and local schools.


Cinco de Mayo




Last Friday, May 3, Mr. Scott Angell and a handful of his students went to East Hickman Elementary School in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. The teacher and his students spent the past few weeks building piñatas for the EHES’s first grade. The kids got to beat open piñatas, and candy was split between the first grade classes.

High School students were given the offer to sign up for the opportunity to teach one of the first grade classes a lesson in Spanish. Students put together many creative activities for the children. The kids got to learn about the following: animals, colors, and food. The celebration was a success and everyone involved, high schoolers or elementary kids, enjoyed themselves.




Lip Sync Battle 2019

East Hickman High School held its annual friendly lip sync battle between the classes and departments. Freshman Thora Deloach dethroned last year’s champion, Mr. Scott Angell, who is one of the high school’s Spanish teachers. Thora and her group composed two choreographed dances—one to the song “Riptide by Vance Joy and one music piece from the kids movie “Trolls.”




East Hickman vs Creek Wood

Last Friday, January 11th, East Hickman basketball teams faced Creek Wood, a well- known opponent. The East Eagles fought wing and talon in the match-ups but the Red Hawks unfortunately got away with wins against both the boys and girls. For the boys’ team, all was going well until the last quarter when Creek Wood made their advancement on the scoreboard. The boys suffered defeat by a mere point, with a final score of 52-53. Lady Eagles finished with a score of 30-37, possibly being their least successful game. With defeat heavy on the players’ minds, they congratulated the other team, holding their heads high. The Eagles will go up against the Red Hawks again at Creek Wood on February 5 beginning at 6:00 pm.

One Win, One Loss Opens Basketball Season

On November 15, EHHS basketball teams opened their season with a home a basketball game. The Lady Eagles were the first on the court against rival school Hunter’s Lane. The Lady Eagles played with great teamwork and effort which lead them to a victory with a score of  75 – 41.

Next, on the court were the boys who played skillfully until the fourth quarter, where they were finally surpassed by the other team. The two schools fought neck and neck; East, unfortunately, suffered one loss that night with the final score for the boys being 75 – 88.

Dia de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, in particular, the Central and South regions, though it is celebrated in other places. Commonly hosted by people of Mexican heritage, it is a very important time for Mexican cultures. The Day of the Dead starts on October 31 at 12:00 am and is celebrated until 11:59 pm on November 1. On this special day, people honor those who have passed away. Traditionally, families prepare the favorite dishes of the dead, make sugar skulls, buy candles and incenses, and pick flowers to decorate alters or graves. Anyone can be honored on this day: pets, friends, people of the past, but most often family members. Dia de los Muertos is a day of celebration and remembrance, and EHHS participated during this holiday by constructing a altar which was arranged by Mr. Angell. Students brought in items or photos from passed loved ones and helped make flowers. Everyone was given the option to write the name of someone they wished to honor on a paper butterfly to surround the altar.


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Home Season Opener


August 31, East Hickman High suffered an unfortunate defeat at the first home game of the season where the Eagles played against the Scotts Hill Lions. The Eagles came out onto the field strong and got points on the scoreboard first. The Lions quickly recouped those points. Starting the 2nd quarter, the score remained at 6-13, Lions leading. While not being the most eventful quarter, all players worked their hardest.


Entering halftime, the East Hickman Marching Eagles played “An Incredible Show.” They displayed their hard work and dedication as they entertained the crowd with the following pieces: “The Glory Days,” “Life’s Incredible again,” and “Saving Metroville”.

Starting the third quarter with cheerleader chants and audience encouragement, the East Eagles gave it their all; sadly, no touchdowns were made this time around. The final score was 6-20.