Pep Squad Organizes Caravan

On October 8th, East Hickman Eagles faced their rivals, the Hickman County Bulldogs, in a close and thrilling game with both sides showing their school spirit. The Pep Squad organized a caravan for students and parents to show their school spirit on their way to the game, and they were met with taunting signs from the Bulldogs.

Both sides were on the edge of their seats throughout the game with each team having a close call game; however, the Eagles persevered, with feathers “unruffled,” scoring 43 to 40—the Bulldogs surrendered the rest of the time in the fourth quarter. During the game, Ethan Irwin #22, wearing Parker Nicholson’s jersey, smacked the ball out of the air when Bulldogs kicked the ball for their PAT.

Eagles have since played Scotts Hill, winning that game. The Eagles’ season ended with a play-off game against Summertown. Congratulations to the coaches and football team for such an exciting season!

The Eagles Play Fairview’s Basketball Teams

The Eagles played the Fairview boys’ basketball team on January 15, 2021. The Eagles lost the game 45-70. The Eagles are still chasing the win with a match up at home against Lewis county on Friday, Jan 29th. When the Eagles last played Lewis County, they were just shy of a win with a 65-62 score. The coaches of the Eagles are Head Coach Greg Matney and Assistant Coach McKenzie Etheridge. The Eagles Varsity team includes Colton R. #1, Ethan I. #2, Kyle E. #3, Parker N. #4, Malik C. #5, Caden J. #10, Eli A. #15, Brennan D. #20, Drae M. #24, and Mason G. #31.

The Lady Eagles played their varsity game before the Eagles. The Lady Eagles played a well-fought game that night and were almost able to bring the game back. The Lady Eagles lost the game 41- 43 with the final points being scored by the Fairview girls basketball with two penalty free throws. Abby L. #2 and Ella G. #3 were the star players during the game that night. Abby scored 6 points and Ella scored 10 points with multiple free throw points and two-point baskets for the Lady Eagles. The coaches of the Lady Eagles are Coach Aaron Taylor and Assistant Coach Shelitta Sowell. The Lady Eagles varsity team roster includes Kayla R. #1, Abby L. #2, Ella G. #3, Braylee C. #10, Macy E. #11, Maddie H. #14,  Taylor H. #15, Keilei M, #20, Becky C. #22, McKinsey K. #24, Taylor M. #30, KiLitta S. #32, Karson L. #33, Emily W. #44.