Special Olympics 2019

The Special Olympics was a very sentimental event for the participants, organizers, volunteers, and attendees alike. The student tunnel organized for the EHHS athletes was extremely touching for many as just seeing students encourage and support the athletes brought tears to some. Watching the events also brought smiles to the audience as the happiness, cheers, and moments of celebration shown by the athletes during the competition conveyed their pure joy to be competing. After watching the Special Olympics, some students felt that everyone could take a lesson from the athletes in happiness and simply enjoying life. Student volunteer Skylar Collier recalls her experience as, “one of the most fun things I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. The kids were absolutely wonderful and the sweetest people ever.”

At the end of the event, athletes participated in a closing ceremony in which they did a brief dance to the “Hokey Pokey.”  Fellow student volunteer Kyla O’Guin describes the ending ceremony, “It was made clear during this that the teachers, athletes, and student volunteers had been motivated and encouraged by the day’s events, and some even made new friends along the way.” Overall, more than just the athletes enjoyed the event as teachers and volunteer students found encouragement through the event.




Photos courtesy of Mrs. Donna Holt and Mrs. Sheryl Robinson

Amanda Vise Signs to Martin Methodist

On February 28, 2018, after choosing between schools, Amanda Vise signs to play soccer at Martin Methodist University. The Martin Methodist girls’ soccer team is known for their four year streak of championships in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and season record of 21-1-2. The team is top in their district as they continue to triumph over opponents.
The signing was no surprise to the head coach and fellow teammates, considering her driven attitude and defensive skills. She is also known to attend every game and practice and is persistent during a tough game as Head Coach Wendell Gordon adds, “Amanda is a consistent player who gives her 100% every game.”
Amanda’s senior year playing high school soccer, during fall of 2017, the team had their first ever winning season in school history. Amanda and her many defensive saves contributed to this as she stepped up to play the roll of captain on the defensive line. Things seemed to go downhill after the teams one and only goalie, Franny Caven, suffered from a broken finger. However, after introducing Brienna Mobley to the position of goalie, the defensive line continued to show strength. Center defender Amanda Vise and ‘right hand girl’ Katherine Askins did not let the setback slow them down as they continued to show extra hustle to keep the ball out of the net as Brienna adjusted to her new position.
The chemistry Miss Vise helped spark on defense proved to show a great outcome as the girls ended their season with 6 wins and 5 losses which was the first winning season in the history of high school girls’ soccer. She has led a very successful high school career as she received the Team M.V.P award last season in 2017. She was also awarded with Defensive M.V.P in 2016 and Defensive M.V.P and All District Player in 2015.

Amanda Vise signing



Spirit Week at EHHS

This year during spirit week at EHHS, students will dress to the theme “We got them Beat” starting on Monday, January 29th and ending on Friday, February 2nd. All dress up days pertain to music. School dress codes still apply to all students including length of clothing, items being too tight, and revealing items of clothing. The only exception to school dress code is students may be permitted to wear hats if it corresponds with the dress up day.

Competition will be girls vs. boys. First period teachers will be asked to count the number of students participating in the dress up day every morning. EHHS will have an adjusted schedule on Friday, February 2nd in order to have students participate in spirit week competitions in the gymnasium. EHHS is hoping that having spirit week for basketball will create excitement and energy at the home basketball game against Waverly on Friday, February 2nd at 6:00 p.m.

Dress up days include:

Monday: ¨Get Your Head in the Game¨

    Students must wear a jersey.

Tuesday: ¨ We could be Heroes

Students dress as a hero.

Wednesday: ¨Play that Funky Music¨

Students dress up as some form of music genre. Example- Country Music= a singer of that music or a cowboy. Ect.

Thursday: ¨Party in the USA¨

Students wear something relating to America or red, white, and blue.

Friday: ¨We are the Champions¨

Students should wear as much blue as possible.