EHHS Track and Field Teams Dominate Home Event

EHHS hosted its first post-Covid track meet, the first in four years. Teams from 8 surrounding schools participated while EHHS dominated the meet in men and women’s events leading the second place team by 21 points for the women and 24 for the men.

From left to right beginning at the top left: Nick Starr, discus; Emily Kuhn, discus; Gabriel Tapia, shotput; Jasmine Saleh, shotput.

Photos courtesy of Victoria Gordon Photography

Columbia State Competition Winners

On March 24th, students from East Hickman High School competed at the Columbia State High School Competition. This is an annual competition where students from all over Tennessee compete in a diverse selection of categories. Matthew S. placed third in Algebra 1, Shelby C. (not pictured) placed first in Archeology, Brooklyn L. placed second in Mass Communications and third in Sociology, and Joshua L. placed first in Video.

Left to right, Mathew S., Joshua L., and Brooklyn L.

Concert Review: Gracie Abrams “The Good Riddance Tour” 

Check out the “Concert Culture: A Human Experience” article in the digital archive of this year’s Fall edition. The article explored the connections that humans make to both the music and each other with every in-person concert. This idea resounded with students, teachers, and community members.

Gracie Abrams has recently risen to fame after releasing her debut album, Good Riddance. The singer has been releasing music since 2019, including 2 EPs prior to the release of her album. She had opened for Olivia Rodrigo, but also had headline tours of her own. With her newest album, it was time for her to get back on the stage. Her tour was set to start March 7th in Chicago, IL and will finish April 10th in San Francisco, CA. I, an Eagles ‘Eye reporter, went to her Nashville, TN show to see what Gracie Abrams was really all about. 

When Good Riddance was first released in February, I immediately fell in with it. The 12 track album made me feel angry, sad, and every emotion in between. So, when she announced her tour, I had to buy tickets. The concert took place at Marathon Music Works, a small standing venue with a capacity of about 1,500 people. Before this concert, I had never been to such a small intimate venue. If you ever get the chance to attend a concert in a venue like this, I highly recommend it. 

I got in line at about 2PM (4.5 hours before the doors open), and it was an interesting experience. I made friends, got rained on, got stared at by tourists, and delivered a pizza! Although getting rained on wasn’t my favorite way to spend those 4 hours, I wouldn’t change a thing. After being let into the venue, I found myself being 5 rows back from the stage. The view was amazing! Tiny Habits, the opener, came on stage at 8PM to perform a completely acoustic set.

They performed released and unreleased songs, as well as a cover of “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. When it was Gracie’s turn to take the stage, the crowd went wild. She performed songs from all her past projects and her new album. She interacted with the crowd while she sang, making time to stop and just talk with the people there for her. Overall, her stage presence was a 10/10. She made the show fun and enjoyable even when she sang some of her saddest songs. This was easily the best concert I’ve ever been to, and I would do it all over again if I could. 

I also want to bring attention to how amazing the staff was at Marathon Music Works. They were constantly handing out water for free, and making sure everyone was safe and cool. Both Gracie and the venue receive a 10/10 from me. Gracie Abrams will be opening 28 shows for Taylor Swift, including Nashville (which I will be attending), so maybe I will be back later this year on an update on all things Gracie Abrams, and of course, Taylor Swift. 

Photos taken by @/joeybrodnax on Instagram.