Cinco de Mayo




Last Friday, May 3, Mr. Scott Angell and a handful of his students went to East Hickman Elementary School in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. The teacher and his students spent the past few weeks building piñatas for the EHES’s first grade. The kids got to beat open piñatas, and candy was split between the first grade classes.

High School students were given the offer to sign up for the opportunity to teach one of the first grade classes a lesson in Spanish. Students put together many creative activities for the children. The kids got to learn about the following: animals, colors, and food. The celebration was a success and everyone involved, high schoolers or elementary kids, enjoyed themselves.




Special Olympics 2019

The Special Olympics was a very sentimental event for the participants, organizers, volunteers, and attendees alike. The student tunnel organized for the EHHS athletes was extremely touching for many as just seeing students encourage and support the athletes brought tears to some. Watching the events also brought smiles to the audience as the happiness, cheers, and moments of celebration shown by the athletes during the competition conveyed their pure joy to be competing. After watching the Special Olympics, some students felt that everyone could take a lesson from the athletes in happiness and simply enjoying life. Student volunteer Skylar Collier recalls her experience as, “one of the most fun things I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. The kids were absolutely wonderful and the sweetest people ever.”

At the end of the event, athletes participated in a closing ceremony in which they did a brief dance to the “Hokey Pokey.”  Fellow student volunteer Kyla O’Guin describes the ending ceremony, “It was made clear during this that the teachers, athletes, and student volunteers had been motivated and encouraged by the day’s events, and some even made new friends along the way.” Overall, more than just the athletes enjoyed the event as teachers and volunteer students found encouragement through the event.




Photos courtesy of Mrs. Donna Holt and Mrs. Sheryl Robinson