2018 Homecoming Dress-up Days!

For all students of East Hickman High, next week is homecoming! The theme is “Homecoming: Starring East Hickman!,” and these are the dress-up days:

Monday – Western (Be sure to wear your best John Wayne and Clint Eastwood garb!)

Tuesday – Black and White (A dalmatian costume will suffice, just kidding!) You can wear any form of black and white clothing, as long as it is within school dress code.

Wednesday – Disney (Belle, Mulan or Snow White? One can never decide…)

Thursday – Heroes Vs Villains (Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker? Harry Potter or Voldemort?? Captain America or Red Skull??? Gandalf or Sauron???? SO MANY CHOICES!!!!)

Friday – School Colors: Freshmen wear black, Sophomores wear white, Juniors wear grey and Seniors wear blue.

Come on East Hickman High! Let’s make this homecoming one to remember. Go Eagles!

Homecoming Starring The Eagles

EHHS Hosts Its First Cross Country Meet

With tents dotting the surrounding area and a large crowd of spectators, the campus accommodated three hundred students from 24 surrounding schools gathered to run East Hickman High School’s cross country course. The course on the campus has been developed and maintained for the past two years by Coaches Matney and Dickson. Mr. Dickson, who is not coaching at this time, attributes the lion’s share of the work to Mr. Greg Matney.

The momentous first meet drew former cross country runners back to the school to support the efforts that the coaches have contributed in order to make this event happen at EHHS. Patrick and Catie Latham, siblings, who are both former cross country runners, made special plans to attend the event. Patrick just finished 33 days in the field, but said he had to make the meet. Catie, also, made sure to rearrange her work and college schedule to attend. This attests to the dedicated coaches that have worked with these young adults.

Coach Amy Matney states that “2013 was the year I fell in love with cross country.” She goes on to say that in 2018 she did not know that “I would be coaching three teams for our schools [middle and high school] and helping host our first home meet.” This is a dream that has come to fruition for the girls’ and boys’ cross country teams.


The Girls’ Soccer Team Keeps Their Momentum!

Last week, the girls’ soccer team played two games with in-county rival Hickman County.

On Tuesday 11th, the team played the first time of the week. This home game was satisfying for the Eagles;  the ladies won 4-3. The first scores came very fast but only for the Eagles. East Hickman kept possession of the ball for the majority of the first half. However, during the second half Hickman County scored 3 goals in the beginning. Nevertheless, Eagle’s goalie, Brienna Mobley, did very well for the second half. Julie Mathis assisted in the victory with her 4 goals.

East Hickman ladies played another game against Hickman on the 13th. This game was rather different than the first one with the score being 1-1. The first and last goal came quickly. The Eagles scored during the first 2 minutes, but then the remainder of the first half was unproductive for the Eagles. However, the Eagles kept possession of the ball for the majority of the game.

In fact, all the Lady Eagles are doing very well in this season. They have both good offense and defense. For all interested,  the ladies are playing Thursday the 20th, the next home game. The Eagles will match up again with McEwen after a 5-1 win on Monday, 17th

Everyone come out and support your Eagles!

Home Season Opener


August 31, East Hickman High suffered an unfortunate defeat at the first home game of the season where the Eagles played against the Scotts Hill Lions. The Eagles came out onto the field strong and got points on the scoreboard first. The Lions quickly recouped those points. Starting the 2nd quarter, the score remained at 6-13, Lions leading. While not being the most eventful quarter, all players worked their hardest.


Entering halftime, the East Hickman Marching Eagles played “An Incredible Show.” They displayed their hard work and dedication as they entertained the crowd with the following pieces: “The Glory Days,” “Life’s Incredible again,” and “Saving Metroville”.

Starting the third quarter with cheerleader chants and audience encouragement, the East Eagles gave it their all; sadly, no touchdowns were made this time around. The final score was 6-20.