Free Throw Competition

Pictures by Lexie Larkins

The principal of East Hickman High School, Mr. Beem, competed in a Free Throw Competition with Hickman County High School’s principal, Mr. Bentley. The competition occurred during half time at the East Hickman High School vs. Hickman County High School basketball game Friday night, January 26th, 2018.

From the free throw line, each principal had 10 shots a piece, and whoever made the most baskets was the winner. Mr. Beem started out the competition with a few baskets, throwing off Mr. Bentley whose first couple of shots were air balls. The fans on both sides of the court cheered on their principal in hopes of them scoring and attempted to distract the rival principal in hopes of them losing the shot.

Towards the end of the competition, the principals had a neck-and-neck score of 7-6, with Mr. Beem in the lead. Mr. Bentley took the last shot and missed, losing the competition and causing an uproar from the fans on the East Hickman side. After Mr. Beem was victorious, he hugged Mr. Bentley with good sportsmanship and was then joyously greeted by a group of East Hickman High students to celebrate the win.

Spirit Week at EHHS

This year during spirit week at EHHS, students will dress to the theme “We got them Beat” starting on Monday, January 29th and ending on Friday, February 2nd. All dress up days pertain to music. School dress codes still apply to all students including length of clothing, items being too tight, and revealing items of clothing. The only exception to school dress code is students may be permitted to wear hats if it corresponds with the dress up day.

Competition will be girls vs. boys. First period teachers will be asked to count the number of students participating in the dress up day every morning. EHHS will have an adjusted schedule on Friday, February 2nd in order to have students participate in spirit week competitions in the gymnasium. EHHS is hoping that having spirit week for basketball will create excitement and energy at the home basketball game against Waverly on Friday, February 2nd at 6:00 p.m.

Dress up days include:

Monday: ¨Get Your Head in the Game¨

    Students must wear a jersey.

Tuesday: ¨ We could be Heroes

Students dress as a hero.

Wednesday: ¨Play that Funky Music¨

Students dress up as some form of music genre. Example- Country Music= a singer of that music or a cowboy. Ect.

Thursday: ¨Party in the USA¨

Students wear something relating to America or red, white, and blue.

Friday: ¨We are the Champions¨

Students should wear as much blue as possible.

Beem vs Bentley

East Hickman basketball teams play our in-county rival on Friday, Jan 26th beginning at six. At half-time, Mr. Beem and Mr. Bentley will meet on the court for a free throw contest. Students get in free with a flyer from school that will be given out on Friday. Also, there will be a college and career fair open to students and community members in the cafeteria. It is going to be a great night! #TeamBeem #GoEagles

Beem vs Bentley