Festival of the Infected: Zombie Invasion

The Eagle’s Eye Newspaper staff will be hosting a Festival of the Infected. Come release your inner zombie. Participate in the ZombOlympics, compete in the Face-off special effects make-up contest, and watch the retro classic, Night of the Living Dead.

Tickets will be on sale Monday, Oct. 31st through Thursday, Nov. 3rd for $5 at the top of the Grand Hall stairs. You must buy a ticket in advance. No tickets will be sold at the door. Signed parent permission forms must be turned in to purchase a ticket.

Form your 4-person teams for the ZombOlympics and sign up for the Face-off contest when you purchase your ticket. Concessions will be available at the event.


2016 Homecoming Olympics and Pep Rally

The 2016 Homecoming Olympics and Pep Rally was the best I’ve seen. While spending the day taking pictures, I saw so much hype among classes. The Freshman lost in 4th place while Sophomores and Juniors tied for 2nd;the Seniors won 1st place. No matter the scores, school spirit was definitely displayed.

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